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Comenius-Project 2007-2009

"Europe goes to Theatre"


Welcome to the homepage of the Comenius Project "Europe goes to Theatre" 2007 - 2009.
Partner schools come from Malta, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Turkey. Our common aim is to promote amongst our students and ourselves, the culture of participating countries through tales and literature during foreign language classes and drama. We believe that only through contact with other cultures one can develop into a true European citizen.

April 2008 - Participating teachers and students met for the first project meeting in Malta. Apart from getting to know each other, students had the opportunity to work together and perform a short performance.
September 2008 - Second project meeting took place in Taranto, Italy.

Next meeting will be held in February in Izmir, Turkey.
Final meeting will be held in May in Grebenstein, Germany.

Meanwhile, all teachers and students are working together on various stories. Students will also be preparing the play "Birds" by Aristophanes. When in Germany, students coming from all partner schools will have the time to rehearse this play and perform it infront of an audience.

Here you can have a look at our pdf-booklet, that is represantative for work that´s done until summer 2008.